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Bixby Mission

The Florence Bixby School Staff is a dedicated, highly qualified, caring, group of professionals.  We are committed to providing positive and challenging opportunities.  High expectations, academic excellence, parent and community involvement, and a safe learning environment provide students with the means to grow socially, emotionally, and academically on the path to becoming life-long learners.

Daily Affirmation

This day has been given to me, fresh and new.
I can learn from it, or throw it away.
I will choose to do my best in thoughts, words, and actions.
This day will be used, not lost.
That’s the Bixby way!

From the Principal: Weekly Update, November 18-26, 2017 (Posted 11/18/17)

“Cliff Notes Version”


*Success Trait/Growth Mindset Quote of the Week


*Florence Bixby Fifth Graders Go to College! (LBUSD College Promise Field Trip to CSULB)


*Student Council Elections -- Congratulations to All Nominees and to Molly F. (President), Leila U. (Vice President), Choice C. (Treasurer) and Opal F. (Secretary)!


*“Celebrate What’s Right in the World” -- Powerful, Inspiring Video


*PTA Book Fair is Coming -- December 4-8, Open for Holiday Shopping Before and After School (Room B-23)!


*”Arrive on Time, Every Minute, Every Day” Update


*No School November 20-24 -- THANKSGIVING HOLIDAY


*JiJi Math Progress Update by Grade Level

Good Morning (and First Day of Thanksgiving Break:), Florence Bixby Elementary School Families,


Have you ever been so proud (of a person, group, or organization that you were/are part of) that you wanted to put that feeling in a “jar”?  That way, the “jar” could be “opened” anytime to draw on the true joy, pleasure and positivity of the contents.  This Thanksgiving Week, I find myself reflecting on those moments, ideas, interactions and experiences at Florence Bixby Elementary School that I am most proud of, “Celebrating What’s Right…” (you’ll see the video below), and placing those treasured items in my own “mindfulness jar” to draw on for future inspiration and motivation.  


Here are a few of what I believe to be “mindfulness jar-worthy” events from this past week, as well as others in the days ahead as we continue together on “OUR Journey to Success and OUR Personal Best”...


Success Trait/Growth Mindset Quote of the Week -- “Being a role model is the most powerful form of educating…” --Coach John Wooden


Florence Bixby Fifth Graders Go to College! (LBUSD College Promise Field Trip to CSULB) -- This past Friday, all of our fifth grade students took a field trip to California State University, Long Beach.  Funded by our school district and partners, this powerful, mind-expanding experience brought to life the “Long Beach College Promise”, which guarantees admission to students graduating from Long Beach high schools if they earn the required GPA and take the right classes in high school.  This investment in our children’s education is remarkable.  Considering that 60,498 freshman applications were received by CSULB, it was wonderful for our students to learn more about how our community is “saving them a space” at our local university through the Long Beach College Promise.  The look of wonder and excitement on our students’ faces when they returned from their day at college has definitely been placed in my “mindfulness jar”!”


Student Council Elections -- On Thursday, we had another “mindfulness jar”-worthy event -- our annual Student Council speeches and elections.  The speeches delivered all 12 nominees showed their Determination, Skill, and Hard Work (all essential Traits on Coach Wooden’s Pyramid of Success).  All 12 students who ran for office will be members of our student council to help our school continuously improve on our promise to deliver a high-quality education to all students, every minute, every day.  Congratulations to Molly F. (President), Leila U. (Vice President), Choyce C. (Treasurer), and Opal F. (Secretary)!


“Celebrate What’s Right in the World”: Powerful, Inspiring Video -- Our “mindfulness jars” as a staff were filled with many inspiring thoughts and experiences at our faculty meeting on Thursday.  Take a look at this video that we watched together:  We connected the inspiring message to our work as educators.  How do we “celebrate what’s right” in each of our 492 students, every day?  What are some ways in which we “celebrate what’s right” in our teaching, as well as the practice of our colleagues?  How do we “celebrate what’s right” when we see our students learning during a lesson, or through the results of an assessment that shows us their strengths, as well as their opportunities for improvement?  How do we “celebrate what’s right” in each other -- as parents of students, as well as staff members?  I know you will enjoy placing this powerful video in your “mindfulness jar” to draw on today, as well as in the future.  


PTA Book Fair is Coming -- December 4-8, Open for Holiday Shopping Before and After School (Room B-23)! -- Our award-winning PTA, with the Committee leadership of Maryann James and Mr. Tiny, will present our annual Fall Book Fair, from December 4-8.  Come by and see the multitude of motivating and engaging book titles that are on sale.  For your Holiday shopping convenience, the Book Fair will be open for business before, during and after school. There are stocking-stuffers galore that will inspire your child to read, read, read over the Winter Break.  Seeing your child open the gift of a treasured book is definitely worthy of your “mindfulness jar”!


“Arrive on Time, Every Minute, Every Day” Update -- Congratulations to Ms. Woo’s third graders, for arriving on time with 100% attendance twice last week!  They were the winners of our weekly “Arrive on Time, Every Minute, Every Day Popsicle Party.”  I am confident that the “sweet taste of success (and popsicles:)” will be place in these students’ own “mindfulness jars”!


No School November 20-24 -- THANKSGIVING HOLIDAY -- Wishing everyone Thanksgiving memories that will last a lifetime, as well as extra moments to save in your “mindfulness jar”!  Just be sure to not come to school next week:) (but please do make sure to return on time on Monday, November 27th:)


JiJi Math Progress Update by Grade Level -- Our students are demonstrating Hard Work, Skill and Determination to reach 100% syllabus completion, because we know that this is strongly correlated with overall math achievement!   A mere one-tenth of a percentage point separates our second and third place grade levels, with third grade pulling every so slightly ahead of fifth grade to move into second place!  Progress monitoring, along with our healthy, friendly competition is another way in which students and staff are demonstrating Hard Work, Dedication, Action and Skill in our shared commitment to the education of all 492 students.  Here are the current average grade level JiJi syllabus completion rates, in descending order (as of 11/11/17).  1. Second Grade (27.1%), 2. Third Grade (24.6%), 3. Fifth Grade (24.5%), 4. Fourth Grade (21.4%), 5. Kindergarten (15.8%), 6. First Grade (15.3%).


Enjoy a Personal Best Thanksgiving week, and I wish you countless memories, experiences and moments to fill your “mindfulness jar” beyond capacity!


With continued gratitude,

--Sam Platis, Proud Principal, Florence Bixby Elementary School

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