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Bixby Mission

The Florence Bixby School Staff is a dedicated, highly qualified, caring, group of professionals.  We are committed to providing positive and challenging opportunities.  High expectations, academic excellence, parent and community involvement, and a safe learning environment provide students with the means to grow socially, emotionally, and academically on the path to becoming life-long learners.

Daily Affirmation

This day has been given to me, fresh and new.
I can learn from it, or throw it away.
I will choose to do my best in thoughts, words, and actions.
This day will be used, not lost.
That’s the Bixby way!

Mrs. Arroyo

Mrs. Rosana Madrid-Arroyo - Principal

Bixby News

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Posted by: Public Information Office
Published: 3/31/15

Minimum Days due to Heat - A message from Mrs. Arroyo

Principal's Message


Beaver Bulletin

Spring Edition 2015  From the Principal’s Desk

Florence Bixby Elementary School



~Rosana Madrid-Arroyo, Principal          

~Beth Burns, Counselor~ Joanne Barham, Secretary




The Florence Bixby School Staff is a dedicated, highly qualified, caring, group of professionals.

We are committed to providing positive and challenging opportunities.  High expectations, academic excellence, parent and community involvement, and a safe learning environment provide students with the means to grow socially, emotionally, and academically on the path to becoming life-long learners.


Fit a thon

We are fast approaching one of the most engaging and anticipated special events at Bixby. Friday, March 20 we have school wide Fit-a-thon.  This PTA sponsored event highlights activities that students can do to maintain their fitness and do easy fundraising. Be sure your children bring in their donations on Tuesday, March 17. Then on the day of our Fit-a-thon, parents are encouraged to come out to volunteer or to be a spectator. See the schedule below for the time of day your child will participate. We have hula hooping, running, yoga, zumba (dancing), jump roping, basketball, volleyball and soccer. Talk about lots of fun, physical activities!  As you can imagine, we can always use assistance. You can volunteer to set up, to clean up, to assist our nursing staff, or even to assist distributing water and snacks afterwards. Please remember to sign in at the office.


Assessments – SBAC is around the corner!

Our new accountability system includes measure of student achievement and, eventually growth, based on the new assessments called SBAC. SBAC stands for Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium. Teachers are hard at work teaching students to demonstrate the mastery of the Common Core standards, as assessed on technology-based SBAC. Bixby students will use the later part of the testing window upon return from Spring Break. Meanwhile, I recommend that parents and children are experiment with the computer-based training tests and practice tests by going to the following link: You can also find this by going to the district website and clicking on the “S” for “SBAC Practice Test”.


The testing schedule in the computer labs at Bixby will run from April 20 and run through May 29. It is important for your child to attend during the whole time. Some of the summative SBAC test includes required class collaboration and to complete it properly, your child needs to be in attendance. Thank you for making sure your child comes to school on time. When possible (during the SBAC window and all other times of the year) try to make dentist’s and doctor’s appointments in the afternoons.


In the meantime

Please take note of that this year school is out for the observance of Admissions Day on Friday, April 3rd. The leads up to a week of Spring Break between Monday, April 6 – Friday, April 10.  Enjoy the 6 days off and be sure to have your kids read daily to keep their skills sharp. It wouldn’t hurt to have older students do a practice test during the time at home (see above).


Attendance on the improvement

A great big thank you goes out to all Bixby families. Our school’s average attendance is on the upswing after a dip during School Month 7, which corresponded to January 26 – February 20. Perhaps that was due to illnesses. With better weather on the horizon and the focused attention to attendance, I am confident we will do better in the current school month. Even if you child has an appointment, having students miss only a partial day, is better for them than missing a full day. Together we can make a difference. In advance, I want to say thank you for your efforts this Spring in improving on time attendance.


Math and Science Connections

Here are a couple of suggestions for make fractions come alive, courtesy of Resources for Educator:

  • Keep a diary: Show your child that fractions are part of everyday life. For a week, have her record and illustrate each one she notices. For instance, she might write, “We had a half day of school today,” or “Mom asked for 1 1/3 pounds of turkey at the store.” How many examples can she find and draw.
  • Play a game: Have each player cut a sheet of construction paper into six horizontal strips. She should leave the first one whole and then cut the second one in half and the others into thirds, fourths, sixths and eighths. With bits of masking tape, label a die: ½, â…“, ¼, etc. and “wild” To play, roll the dice and lay the matching piece of paper on your whole strip. The goal is to be the first one to fill your strip without overlapping pieces.




School Site Council (SSC) &

English Language Advisory Committee (ELAC)


Our School Site Council has been more active and productive than ever. Among other notable accomplishments, we have purchased thousands of new non-fiction books for our library with more to come for classrooms. We have staff in place to help with students at risk for retention including a literacy teacher, Mrs. Wakefield and afterschool tutors. We have provided the tools for teachers to use when required by the new standards to use technology. Every teacher now has a printer. Projectors and document cameras have been ordered for every teacher who needs them. These are highlights of lots of hard work that the School Site Council, guided by ELAC have accomplished this year.  I extend deep thanks to parent reps, Barbara Dodge, Chet Chuong and Joe Stevens, along with school reps, Joanne Barham, Patrick Wilkerson and Joan Parker. They have joined me in assessing our school needs and matching our discretionary resources to the school goals.


The ELAC Committee did a wonderful job as advisory to the School Site Council. The committee focuses on attendance, language acquisition, and academic achievement for during school year. The ELAC Committee officers are Fatima Castro and Elba Solorzano-Saenz. The SSC and the ELAC both assisted with providing parent education to support parents with helping their children at home.


Later in the year you will hear more about the up-coming School Site Council elections for 2 year term starting in the fall. Meanwhile, we still have more work to do and as we complete the year, more information will go to all families.



Other Announcements…


Lost and Found…..Found!

I’ll bet you have been wondering what happened to a certain piece of clothing your son or daughter wore to school, but disappeared from your sight. Well, it might be in our lost and found. If so, you will have an opportunity to come and claim it on. Any remaining clothing on the last day of school before Admissions Day and Spring Break will be donated to charity.



We are always taking applications for Volunteers in Public Educations (VIPs). Just bring in proof of a recent TB test and your driver’s license.


Open House

Thursday, May 28 is our Open House. Remember, it is a minimum day. You are all welcomed to come to back in the evening to see your child’s work on display.


Sales, sales, sales

Spirit Wear orders will be taken during our Fit-a-thon and throughout the Spring for new Bixby t-shirts. Smencils (perfumed pencils) will be on sale during the last week before Spring Break as a fund raiser for 5th grade activities.




District-Wide Minimum Day dates for 2014-15 are as follows:


First Day All Schools 9/3 All Schools


Back to School Night - 9/23 Elementary Schools only


Parent Conferences (6 days) 11/3-10 Elementary Schools only


Winter Break 12/19  All Schools


Parent Conferences (2 days) 3/10-11 Elementary


Open House 5/28 Elementary


End of School year 6/17  All Schools



School Resource Numbers



Bixby Elementary School……………………………………………………………….. (562) 498-3794


Kids Club………………………………………………………………………………... (562) 498-5718


Long Beach Bixby WRAP Program ……………………………………………………. (562) 498-3794 ext. 126


Long Beach Unified School District…………………………………………………….. (562) 997-8000


Long Beach Unified School District Security…………………………………………… (562) 997-8101


Long Beach Police Department………………………………………………………….. 911

Non-Emergency ………………………………………………………..                           (562) 435-6711


School District News

Spirit Days! - Click on the Link Below

Today: 5/26/15
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