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Click on the envelope in front of the staff members name to Email the staff member. Click on the blue names to view their WEB pages.

Staff List

Contact Sam Platis  Sam Platis Principal
Contact Gabby Aguirre  Gabby Aguirre School Psychologist
Contact Tonie Alfonso  Tonie Alfonso Literacy TOSA
Contact Amber Arnold  Amber Arnold Instrumental Music Teacher
Contact Esperanza Barba  Esperanza Barba Kindergarten Dual Immersion Teacher
Contact Christina Benavidez  Christina Benavidez Office Clerk
Contact Amy Dahl  Amy Dahl First Grade Teacher
Contact Maria Rosario Deseo  Maria Rosario Deseo Library Media Technician
Contact Veronica Diaz  Veronica Diaz Kindergarten Dual Immersion Teacher
Contact Ella Enciso  Ella Enciso Kid's Club Supervisor
Contact Ashley Morton  Ashley Morton Second Grade Teacher
Contact Nehiva Gastelum  Nehiva Gastelum First Grade Teacher, Dual Immersion
Contact Bridget Gengler  Bridget Gengler Third Grade Teacher
Contact Olga Grimalt  Olga Grimalt Kindergarten, Dual Immersion
Contact Karina Hernandez  Karina Hernandez First Grade Teacher, Dual Immersion
Contact Ingrid Ingram  Ingrid Ingram RSP Teacher
Contact Idalia Lopez  Idalia Lopez Kindergarten, Dual Immersion
Contact Veronique Martin  Veronique Martin School Counselor
Contact Michelle Mazzeo  Michelle Mazzeo Health Assistant
Contact Ashley Morton  Ashley Morton Second Grade Teacher
Contact Marie Mosby  Marie Mosby Fourth Grade Teacher
Contact Sandra Myers  Sandra Myers Fourth Grade Teacher
Contact Jane Nelson  Jane Nelson Occupational Therapist
Contact Jill Nickell  Jill Nickell Third Grade Teacher
Contact Ashley Phiri  Ashley Phiri Glee Director
Contact Lisa Picas  Lisa Picas Second Grade Teacher
Contact Pearline Renfro  Pearline Renfro Behavior Specialist
Contact Adrienne Reyes  Adrienne Reyes First/Second Grade Combo Teacher
Contact Jorge Sanchez  Jorge Sanchez Plant Supervisor
Contact Mercedes Scholnick  Mercedes Scholnick Speech and Language Pathologist
Contact Ana Speedone  Ana Speedone School Nurse
Contact Megumi Usui-Abiad  Megumi Usui-Abiad Fifth Grade Teacher
Contact Linda Westermeyer  Linda Westermeyer Transitional Kindergarten Teacher
Contact Patrick Wilkerson  Patrick Wilkerson Fifth Grade Teacher
Contact Sandi Yong  Sandi Yong Office Supervisor